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Two sets of tyres later

Latte at a favourite cafe after a ride

As I roll into 2013 leaving 2012 in my slipstream, I felt the need to look back at my first year and a half as an early retiree.

Firstly the obvious questions, no I don’t miss work and no, I’m not bored. I love the freedom of choice that comes with the turf. As well as not being tied into the rhythms of working life, with my kids now 19 with car licenses and developing their own life’s, I am no longer tied to their routines. My daughter only got her license a few months ago. Up until then I was tied into her University schedule. Whilst it’s nice to be needed by your kids, once she was mobile, my independence blossomed along with hers.

I lost my Dad mid year at the age of 90. I miss him and I’m not going to talk about that here, it’s still raw.

Riding into retirement? Well, I track all my rides using a Garmin Edge bike computer. A GPS built for your bike. I upload all my ride data, my ride diary if you like to Garmin Connect. So I can happily report with accuracy that I have ridden 7800km this year to date. My goal was 7000km so happy with that. This took 378 hours and included 78,000 m of elevation gain. 151,252 calories burnt. Sorry for the stats, bit nerdy with this stuff but it really helps motivate me and my Garmin 800 records it all for me. During the year I added mountain biking into the mix which has brought some adventure to the mix (although by nature drops the km count). I have only been over the handle bars once and no broken bones as yet. I have trouble remembering I’m not 20 once I’m on the trails.

I have taken some time out from my riding schedule to squeeze in some travel. Since retiring have travelled within Australia to: the Southern Flinders ranges, once with the daughter and once with the wife and mountain bikes; Riverland in the Z to play golf with son after he finished Year 12; Clare Valley, with Mrs and bikes; Melbourne, once in the Z, and once by train while the other half did a Uni course.

I have also been fortunate enough to travel overseas, Late last year a South Pacific Cruise ex Sydney with wife and kids, Singapore in January with daughter and back to Singapore with the wife for a cruise to Hong Kong. No kids! A first. We are hitting Europe and the U.S. next year. All the travel has rekindled my interest in photography, great to have another interest to pursue.

I love my routine at home but am learning I need a change of scene and new experiences every few months, be it a few hundred or thousand km from home.

The day to day home routine is still sorting itself out but constants are to start the day with a coffee and chat with the wife and then a ride. I do the food shopping once a week, cook for family most days ( variable results), and do the house chores/cleaning/laundry ( obviously a lower priority than riding). I go to the gym sporadically. I should be going regularly but I prefer riding and find the gym a little dull. In need to work on this aspect.

I have spent a relatively small amount of time on home repairs/ maintenance (refer hours spent riding). I need to improve on this, so my wife firmly informs me. Very occasionally I find myself home alone. I confess that I love it when this happens. I love the family but quiet time is special time.

When I started this blog I thought I may write more frequently and that it might be part of my new routine. However, looks like the urge to write only manifests itself infrequently, so I can’t claim it to be part of my routine as yet. I do enjoy following other blogs on early retirement though. I find it helps me as I find my own ‘new’ life.

I read from other blogs about the retirement honeymoon period and the risks of becoming bored, depressed or lost. I guess it’s early days but as I pedal into 2013 I am feeling content about my early retirement lifestyle. I love the choices, love the freedom and love to ride.