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Diversification : enjoy the ride


After about 5 years of rolling out the km on the road bike, I recently cheated on my road bike and bought a Mountain Bike. Yes, I have crossed to the dark side.
How did this happen, why did I stray from the the straight and narrow road? Temptation. My brother, also retired although a little older suggested we go mountain biking once a week. Hit the trails, get muddy, back to nature. Get down and dirty. His wife, quite reasonably, had commanded he was not to go bush without a partner in case of a fall. So he dropped the word on me.
Initially I was hesitant. Love my road bike you see. Could I love another?
I pondered this opportunity for a few days, keen to have a day with my brother each week and also recalling the fun I used to have on my old Mongoose hardtail (20 year old mountain bike with no suspension).


So, I thought, perhaps I will just pop into a bike shop and have a look, no harm in that . Look but don’t ride. It will be ok.
Alas, I was wrong. I fell in love with her at first sight. A Trek Ex Fuel 9.9. A top end dual suspension mountain bike ON SALE nearly half price. It was meant to be.
Things had changed in the mountain bike world since my last purchase in the early 90’s.
Front suspension and even rear suspension. This sounds like fun. A carbon frame, wow.
Weights 11kg built. Oh yeah.

So now I have added some diversity to my weekly exercise / riding regime. Exploring the Adelaide Hills on the Trek and, as a bonus, some nice rides with my brother (who just upgraded his bike to a 9kg Merida 09 team hard tail.)
My lovely wife who used to ride a roadie with me has also bought a mountain bike and is enjoying it and not missing the traffic that goes with road riding. Hoping she will become a regular on my rides.

Enjoying the riding, trying not to be too silly, although I did descend a set of wooden steps yesterday, dumb but fun. I’m sure this is what my Financial planner meant by diversification.

Have to say I am enjoying the early retirement lifestyle.