Monthly Archives: February 2013



So I’m sick. Bugger. Picked up a bug while in Sydney visiting relatives and now I’m down for the count. Still, time to read a few blogs, watch some rubbish tv and realise I’m not very good at sitting still.

Having a cold when you have to work is a pain. Do I go in, do I stay home. If you stay home feeling guilty about not being at work. If you go in feeling crap and spreading your bugs round the office. So much fun.

Since I entered the world of early retirement about 18 months ago, this is only the second time I have been sick to the point of being house bound. My guess is that I am no longer subjected to the bugs others bring to work and that then happily circulate through the air conditioning. I so miss sitting in little meeting rooms with some stoic individual coughing and spluttering their way through the meeting. Wonderful.
I think being fitter and not dealing with the stresses of working life also help avoid downtime. That, and being able to rest when you do feel a little under the weather also helps.

So what to do. I can only watch so much tv. Hanging out to get back on the bike and get my km count back on track. Oh well.

I need to ensure I am well by Saturday. Sound Wave, a rather heavy music festival is hitting town. The wife and I like a bit of metal so Metallica, here we come. Always feel my age at these shows but hey, we are not the only oldies there. Now where is my black T shirt?