So what do you do?

On the weekend we attended a friends housewarming. In speaking to a couple we had just been introduced to we got the standard, “so what do you do?”
My wife led with Phd student whilst I bravely tried , ” nothing, I’m retired” as I was interested to get a reaction, and perhaps as I had a glass of red in my hand. This was followed by a bit of a pause and a slightly perplexed look as the guest tried to work out if I was serious.
I then moved on to outline that I was indeed retired and spent my time riding my bike and being a house husband ( although my wife prefers the term house bitch).
It’s about 9 months now that I left my job after 27 years of service. It’s only now I feel comfortable explaining my choice not to continue to work and to have a bit of fun with it when meeting new people.



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  1. Thanks for stopping my blog. I’m very glad to discover yours! I hope you’ll keep writing, you have a great “voice”.

    On this subject, I’m impressed. Only 9 months into your retirement and you are comfortable talking about “what you do” at cocktail parties. I’m almost 5 years in and haven’t conquered that one. It’s that break in the conversation that I don’t fill well, the dead silence.

    For the last couple years, I had been doing a part-time consulting gig. Even though it was a very part-time situation, I found myself reverting to, “I’m a CFO of a venture capital company” at such cocktail parties. I didn’t explain that it was a part-time consulting gig. It was easier for me. Now that I’m back in full-time retirement, I’m going to have to work on this. I think it’s about time for me to get over my issues with this now. Mostly I need to strike a balance that shows my excitement for my life that doesn’t sound like bragging. I probably worry too much about how I’m coming of is all.

    • Have been following and enjoying your blog for awhile. Thankyou re my “voice”. Havent posted for awhile but its been a rough month or so. Keen to start writing again.

      In making the transition from working me to retired me, I have found that reading others peoples experiences and approaches has really help and made me feel more comfortable with my new lifestyle.
      I get what you are saying about sounding like bragging. It can be hard with friends not to feel like you are rubbing it in when you tell them what you have been up too. My wife likes to tease me about a facebook status i posted after we had been away interstate. It was a picture of a latte at my favourite coffee shop at the beach (half way point on one of my bike loops), where I wrote, “back at the office”. Perhaps a bit much but was just my humour.

  2. Congratulations for now feeling comfortable with yourself and for knowing that ‘retired’ does not equal ‘second class citizen’! I had the exact same trouble when I first tried retirement 16 years ago.

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