Monthly Archives: May 2012

The dining room

So I visited my Dad yesterday, he’s in a aged care home about 15km across town. It’s a nice place, high quality care, good staff etc. I usually visit once a week, sometime I drive other times I ride my bike. When I ride I do tend to feel a bit out of place wandering the corridors in my lycra.

Dad is getting on a bit, he recently turned 90. Up until a year ago he was living on his own at his home, but one fall to many and some other significant health issues lead him into aged care.

I love visiting Dad but it’s hard. He just seems so frail now, even compared to a year ago. I joined him for dinner in the dining room. Probably about 5 tables of residents, 20 or so in all. It’s a strange experience, most just sit in silence, eating and knocking back a plethora of medications.

Dads move to aged care coincided with the period I found myself with a choice of continuing to work, or not. Experiences like the dining room help me make my decision to spend my time as I choose and add to my determination to stay fit and active. Before visiting Dad yesterday I played golf with my son, and before that, drove my daughter to Uni (college). Retirement allows me to spend and value time with family.



So what do you do?

On the weekend we attended a friends housewarming. In speaking to a couple we had just been introduced to we got the standard, “so what do you do?”
My wife led with Phd student whilst I bravely tried , ” nothing, I’m retired” as I was interested to get a reaction, and perhaps as I had a glass of red in my hand. This was followed by a bit of a pause and a slightly perplexed look as the guest tried to work out if I was serious.
I then moved on to outline that I was indeed retired and spent my time riding my bike and being a house husband ( although my wife prefers the term house bitch).
It’s about 9 months now that I left my job after 27 years of service. It’s only now I feel comfortable explaining my choice not to continue to work and to have a bit of fun with it when meeting new people.